Best way to answer the question is to answer it in three parts:

  1. 'All' is everything else on my new site. It is also the first three letters of my middle name.
  2. 'Vid'z' is the section of my new site with my photos and (when I get a new PC with FireWire) my Vid'zClips from my digital camcorder!! 'Vid' is the last three letters of my first name.
  3. 'Haze' is another part of my website that has weather (yes, 'haze'), astronomy (what you can see through the 'haze'), religion (people are 'haze-y' on that one!!:-) and a few things related to my family heritage (my mother's maiden name is Hayes, pronounced the same as 'haze'). Also, 'haze' is the first four letters of my last name.

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