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    Yes, info on low-tech devices such as slide rules can be found on the Web.  Click here for one such site.

    Try this site for some math puzzles.

    Go here or here for on-line unit conversions.

    This web page lists all the words you can make with an electronic calculator (NOTE: Doesn't work with the USR Palm Pilot calculator applets because the numbers are the wrong font.).

    This site is an on-line math atlas.

    Theory of Reliability - excellent on-line resource if you are rusty in probability and statistics. NOTE: The link may not be relaiable.

    A good applied mathematics site is found here.

    Lots of statistical freebies can be found here.

    I never dreamed that the math league that I competed in during my high school days had a web site let alone stats from that long ago!!

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Baseball -

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Server Side Scripting Resources

Y2K -

Mount Washington -

My Fav Rock Groups U2 and R.E.M.

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Other -

    An excellent on-line atlas especially important given recent events in the news!!

    You know there's construction on the Information Superhighway if you see a site like this

    Click here to see pictures of some historical sites near where I grew up. Another site!!

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