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The existing Hazen links page.

Go here to learn about the origin of the early English Hazens.

Wikipedia article on the Hazens.

Both of my brothers now have web sites: Stuart's web site / NEW!! John's web site

I recently found my mother's name mentioned on Wikipedia - go here for the link.

Go here to learn of a trilogy of traditions on my mother's side of the family.

There is a Hazen Library in Shirley, MA.

I have found out there is...

a Hazen's Bay off the Southwest Alaskan coast

a flea market in Wellfleet, MA managed by a Hazen.

a Hazen's Notch in Northern Vermont, near the Canadian border.

a Hazen Lake in Canada, located in its northermost island, Ellesmere Island.

a Hazen Street near LaGuardia Airport in New York City...

and another Hazen Street in Chelmsford, MA. Photos: One / Two

NEW!! and a Hazen Drive in Concord, NH. Photo: One

There is a town named Hazen, Pennsylvania not far from where the official Groundhog prognosticates every February 2nd.

I just found another town named Hazen in Nevada in one of my road atlases. The town is not far from Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV.

I found out there is a rock group named Hazen St. Go here or here to learn more.

My wife found out about a Camp Hazen WMCA in Chester, CT.

I found out that this anti-Trump article was co-authored by a Don Hazen.

My wife found a Sam Hazen who is the Executive Chef of Tao Restaurant in New York City and Las Vegas on the Food Channel. Sam's recipe for Thai Seafood Hot Pot.

My wife and I found a Hazen diamond necklace at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, DC. Photos: One / Two / Three

I found a website of Hazens that live in the Seattle, WA area.

My wife and I saw Mike Hazen interviewed during a spring training game on NESN on March 20, 2012. Links: Red Sox Front Office (VP/Asst. GM, Baseball Operations) / A recent press release of his promotion. NEW!! Mike has been promoted again to General Manager. Links: One / Two

I watched a new NOVA program "Life's Rocky Start" on PBS on January 16, 2016 and one of the featured spokespeople was Prof. Robert Hazen from Carnegie Institute for Science. The program discussed the role of rocks and minerals on the evolution of life. More information may be found here. If I am not mistaken, I have a couple science books written by him.

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