Here is a page on my thoughts and background on religion - a subject a lot of people are "haze-y" on!!

I grew up and still am a Methodist like my parents and my maternal grandparents. I am hence at least a third generation Methodist. All the churches I have been a member or regular attender have websites - here are the links:

Here are my thoughts: I believe that Jesus Christ died for me and he has risen from the dead. I believe that resurrection means rising from the dead ONCE AND FOR ALL, in other words, the final victory over sin and death!! Resurrection is directly opposed to the concept of reincarnation that is a part of such religions as Hinduism. I therefore do not believe that Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and other religions are interpretations of the same god - that doesn't make sense to me given their often opposite views of the afterlife and the true God never contradicts Himself. There is a lot more historic corraboration for the Ressurection of Jesus Christ than for reincarnation.

I also have an interest in Bible prophecy. There are many web sites out there that deal with this subject, often expressing the belief that The Second Coming of Jesus Christ is coming very soon. I think the signs are all there, from the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 to declining moral standards worldwide to unusual weather and celestial events to exploding occultism.

Outside links related to religion may be found here.

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