The 'Haze' Part of ALL-VIDZ-HAZE

The weather map symbol for 'haze' also happens to be the infinity symbol.

'Haze' is the first four letters of my last name. Also, my mother's maiden name is Hayes, pronounced as 'haze'.

Haze is also defined as a suspension of very fine particles in the atmosphere that can affect visibility but not as much as fog, snow or even heavy rain. Haze can affect what you can see in the night sky and dim the sun somewhat. The sun can look red during a hazy sunrise or sunset. I also deal with weather sensor data, including visibility sensor data and lightning data at work. I heard about a website showing haze in real time!!

Therefore, this page has links to my other pages on weather, astronomy, professional page including publications and because people are often 'haze-y' on religion, a religion page. I also have a link to a family heritage page covering both the Hazen and Hayes sides.

My 'Haze-y' Pages

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