This is an unofficial BeagleFest 2006 photo page. These are photos taken during BeagleFest 2006 held in Santa Rosa, CA from June 1-4, 2006. The theme was "My Sweet Babboo". Photos taken by David Hazen, a few with his Sweet Babboo. Click on images to enlarge.

BeagleFest happened during the Summer of Woodstock. Shown are a few of the 76 Woodstock statues that appeared throughout Santa Rosa.
"When you come to Santa Rosa, be sure to wear a Snoopy in your hair..."

A few of these were done in the drawing room at the Charles M. Schulz Museum.

Even the Redwood Ice Arena participated in the Summer of Woodstock as Woodstock skated with Charlie Brown and Snoopy in the "Beagle on Ice" show.

A few photos during the "Romantic Dinner for 200" held on June 3rd.

Snoopy, Dave and his Sweet Babboo

Snoopy with his Sweet Babboo

Some photos taken during the "World's Largest Beagle Hug" held after the end of the "Parting is Sweet Babboo Sorrow Brunch" on June 4th.

Page created June 11, 2006.

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