This is a page of links to web sites of mathematicians, musicians and artists with looong hair. The idea was inspired by the book titled "Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid" by Douglas R. Hofstader. Gödel is a mathematician, Escher an artist and Bach a musician. This page will expand as I find more such web sites. If you have such a link to contribute, please e-mail me.


The New Medusa Trilogy: My special Medusa's page
Contains Pictures (I Would be Proud to Use) at an Exhibition (such as the online one at an internationally famous web site) and her stories. Medusa could also make the Artists section of this page easily!! Photography and Web Design by another Mathematician.


Heidi W.'s Web Site: Music for the Eyes and Ears, also noted for Heidi's Hair School and a recent great story posted on TLHS message board and preserved on FLHC2.

Kate Mannying: (web site not operating): Kate has beautiful long hair and is a harp player. She was a guest musician at my church a couple times.

A former high school classmate, very talented musician.

Celtic Spring Band - has some very long haired musicians

YungChen Lhamo - Official Website - I heard a beautiful tune from her on a video feed - her hair seems to be about knee length.

Parousia - Four sisters with long hair that are a gospel singing band.


Britta's Xtra Long Hair Site: Beautiful long hair with photos and some artwork, web site creatively designed by beautiful and talented loong haired lady.

Generic Asian Girl's Web Site: Has original artwork and animations, very inspiring content. Her other website with more art.

Hasani's web site: Hasani is a Middle Eastern style dancer with extra long hair and knows how to use Paint Shop Pro to digitally extend long hair.

Karen C.'s Jewelry Site: Quite a few of her original creations showcased on her site.

Kay Kellam: Author and photographer with extra long hair.

Kricket Crowe's art site. Photos of her extra long hair.

Songyanhua's Yahoo Group: Song Yan Hua is an artist from China with well past floor length hair.

SwankIvy's site - artist and writer with long hair.

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