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Here are some jokes I made up related to female loooooooong hair and want to post them while I still remember them. More jokes will be posted as I dream them up or remember my 'oldies but goodies'.

Note that the word 'pun' is in the middle of 'Rapunzel'!!
I hope no one gets dis-tressed over these jokes!!:-)
This page was less hairy for me to do than some of the math problems I faced in graduate school!!

Place names that say looooooong hair (with input from my special Medusa and MrHaroldG2000):

  • Hairvard Squhair in Combridge, Masshairchusetts and UK
  • Braidtree, MA
  • Hair-old Squhair in Manehattan Island
  • O'Hair International Hairport in Chicago, IL
  • US States (partial list): Hairizona, Misshairi, Masshairchusetts, Delawhair, Hairwaii, New Hampshair, Mane, Cannotgetitcut, Ohairo, Alabamhair, Floridhair, Alaskhair.
  • Canadian Provinces: Mane-itoba, Albhairta, the Mhairitimes
  • World Cities: Lisbun, Maneila, Manetreal, Vancouvhair, Manedrid, P-hair-is, Bunbay, Ho Chow Mane City
  • Languages: Vietmanese, Mane-dhair-in Chinese

I wonder if any long haired women sites are done on mane-frames? I understand that a few use frames such as this example.

What dialect of Chinese do the loooooooooong haired Chinese women such as DYQ speak?
"Mane-darin" Chinese.

(A bit of hairy math): If I remember my calculus correctly, a few of DYQ's braid photos depict examples of caten-hair-ies.

Where do looooong haired race car drivers often practice?
A-loooooong the mane drag!!

I wonder if DYQ and/or any of her looooooong haired friends live on a "plait-eau" in China?

Why do companies that salvage undersea treasures hire loooooooong haired women to do the undersea work?
It is because they want Lady Gold-divers!!

A woman worked in the garden wearing her ankle length tresses down. After a while, she noticed rabbits nibbling the ends of her beautiful locks. Did she have a bad hair day or a bad hare day?

If you notice loooooooooooong haired women entering a hair salon and most of them come out with braids dyed a certain color not normally associated with human hair, wouldn't you think that the hair salon is running a 'blue plait' special??

Then there was the man who was arrested for stepping over the floor dragging part of Rapunzel's hair. He was arrested for tress-passing!!

Why do probate courts hope that women with very long tresses never shave their heads? It is because there would then be too many missing hairs to worry about!!

If you had a room with several blonde women with way beyond floor length hair all letting their hair down - would the floor then be gold plaited?

Wouldn't women with extremely loooooooooooong tresses need special dryers designed by 'hair-onautical' engineers?

One loooooooooooong hair lover to another: 'I want to see some good pictures of that woman who supposedly has 17 foot long locks. I don't want to rely on 'hair-say' information!!'

Did you know that braids are an important part of baseball? That is because each baseball diamond has a 'home plait'.

What is Rapunzel's favorite Christmas carol? 'Hark the Hair-olds Sing'!

What is Rapunzel's favorite subway line? The Red Line near Boston because it has stops in "Hair-vard" Square and "Braid-tree". (This joke inspired by Catherine from TLHS.)

What is Rapunzel's favorite department store? Macy's in New York City because it is located in 'Hair-old' Square in 'Mane-hattan'.

If you want to send a love letter to a single woman with way beyond floor length tresses living overseas, I think you have to send it via 'hair mail'.

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