Selected photos that were taken while Janet and I were at various figure skating events over the years. This is an unofficial page. Events: 2016 Worlds (Something special occurred during that competition!) / 2014 Nationals / 2009 Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular / 2009 Worlds / 2006 Worlds / 2006 Skate America. Click on image to enlarge.


Photos taken during the 2016 World Figure Skating Championship held in Boston, MA on March 28 - April 3, 2016.

Tenley in the audience.

Janet posing with Tenley.

Photos of skating legend and Olympic Gold medalist Tenley Albright.

Left to right: U.S. figure skater Alissa Czisney with 1962 World Champion Don Jackson; Three-time U.S. Champion Michael Weiss and 2014 Ice Dancing Olympic Gold medalist Charlie White at the Ice Network booth.

Left to right: U.S. Medalist and Boston's own Ross Miner and 2013 U.S. Champion Max Aaron.

U.S. figure skater and Olympic medalist Nancy Kerrigan posing with a few of her fans including Janet.

Left to right: Someone in the audience a few rows up from us was being interviewed by a member of Ice Network. Because I stood up to take these photos, I was on the Jumbotron. Very soon afterwards, both Janet and I were on the Jumbotron!

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A few photos of Janet as she celebrated her birthday at Worlds.


Photos taken during the 2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championship held in Boston, MA on January 2014.

Left to right: Janet posing with former U.S. pairs champion John Zimmerman; middle photo Janet with two-time Olympic Gold medalist Dick Button; remaining photos of Olympic Gold medalists Dick Button and Tenley Albright at the concession stand.

Left to right: Skating legend Michelle Kwan with fashion designer Vera Wang; Janet with U.S. champion Gracie Gold; Janet with bronze medalist Mirai Nagasu; remaining photos of Janet with skater Ashley Wagner.


Photos taken off-ice at the Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular with rock group Chicago held in Bridgeport, CT on December 11-12, 2009

Two photos of me posing with U.S. skating legend and Olympic Gold medalist Brian Boitano.

Seven photos of three time U.S. champion Michael Weiss speaking on the phone (at Janet's bold request) one of our friends from our church, Calvary Church United Methodist in Arlington, MA. Weiss is also a Methodist and very graciously obliged. The photo at bottom right is of Michael Weiss posing with Brian Boitano's coach Linda Leaver.


Photos taken during the 2009 World Figure Skating Championship in Los Angeles, CA during March 2009.

Turkish skater Alper Ucar autographing my wife's program.

Janet posing with U.S. figure skater Alissa Czisny. She had read that Alissa likes Snoopy so she had brought her a Snoopy's Home Ice shirt.

Russian ice dancer Alexander Zhulin (left) and U.S pair skaters Randy Gardner and Tai Babilonia.


Photos taken during the 2006 World Figure Skating Championship in Calgary, Alberta, Canada during March 2006.

Stephane Lambiel gets a ladybug from my then-fiancee now wife Janet.

Rena Inoue and John Baldwin get a plush Snoopy from Janet. Rena carries the Snoopy to the Kiss and Cry area. Click here to see another Snoopy fan.

Photos of 1948 Olympic Gold medalist Barbara Ann Scott, from Canada, taken in the audience. Note that she wore a different color of this outfit each day.

Photos of: Emanuel Sandhu of Canada (leftmost two); U.S. skaters Evan Lysacek (middle two) and Angela Nikodinov (rightmost two).

Photo of Paul Wylie posing with Janet.


Photos taken during the 2006 Skate America Competition which is in the international Grand Prix series of competitions. The event was held in Hartford, CT in October 26-29, 2006.

Kurt Browning, Peter Carruthers and Dick Button.

Peggy Fleming, Dick Button and broadcast anchor Terry Gannon.

Susie Wynne.

In the broadcast booth.

Kimmie Meissner, Mark Mitchell, Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukov, Nobunari Oda and Oda with Peter Carruthers.

Evan Lysacek; Janet posing

Pair skaters Naomi Nari Nam and Themi Leftheris.

Scott Smith.

Rena and John, your plush Snoopy is coming!

Rena retrieves the Snoopy; Rena and John head for the Kiss and Cry.

Rena and John in the Kiss and Cry. They learned that they earned a Personal Best score on their program.

Rena and John learn that they won the Gold Medal and head for the Medal Ceremony.

Rena and John on top of the podium.

Photo and autograph ops.

These photos show how a plush Snoopy helped Rena Inoue and John Baldwin win the Gold Medal for Pair Skaters. The Snoopy was given by Janet Hazen, who had met them at an earlier event and learned from John that Rena collects Snoopys.

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