I grew up with cats and thus am a cat lover. My wife and I have four cats, Victoria, Brownie, Patch and Ellie. We adopted them at a few Animal Umbrella events held at our former church Calvary Church, United Methodist in recent years. They are sooo cute, soft and cuddly!


- NEW!! Photos of our newest cat Ellie who was adopted on May 7, 2016. Page produced August 8, 2017.
- NEW!! Photos of our cat Patch who was adopted on December 12, 2015. Photos taken December 12-17, 2015; page produced December 17, 2015.
- NEW!! Photos of Victoria including her adoption and homecoming in mid-February 2013. Page produced December 17, 2015.
- Photos of Brownie's: First Halloween. Photos taken October 31, 2009; page produced November 1, 2009.
- Photos of Brownie's: Adoption and Homecoming. Photos taken October 17-18, 2009, page produced October 22, 2009.
- Dale's Mother's Day Celebration since her adoption. Photos taken May 10, 2009, page produced May 13, 2009.
- The Sighting of Shadows on January 2, 2009 Photos taken January 2, 2009; page produced January 3, 2009.
- Photos of our Cats Individually; produced on October 9, 2008.
- Photos of our Cats Together; produced on October 9, 2008.
- The Amimal Umbrella Cat Adoption Event on September 27, 2008 at Calvary Church, United Methodist in Arlington, MA.


- Animal Umbrella - a volunteer-run no-kill cat shelter.
- Weymouth Cat Clinic and Hotel, Weymouth, MA for excellent cat vets and lodging in the South Shore.
- Calvary Church, United Methodist where we adopted our cats.
- Write-up on the September 27, 2008 Cat Adoption.
- Cute Overload - Cute cat/kitten photos and videos are frequently shown.
- Daily Kitten - More cute kitten photos
- Kitten War - Vote for the cutest kitten!!
- Snoopysnake's Cat page - A few more photos of our cats!

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