A Kindred snake lover, Joy of TLHS' web page.

The webmaster's Virtual Trip to Woodstock!!


A Herper Humor page

This page says that corn snakes are the pets of the future

Photos from Nov. 2003 NE Herp Meeting


NEW!! Shermy Goes to School

Leap Year's Day 2004 Snake Party at Woodstock

A Better Super Bowl Half Time Show!!

Medusa and Shermy go to Woodstock

A Day of Herps and Harps

Another Return Visit to Woodstock

NEW!! Meet Shermy's fiance!!

Is detangling Shermy anything like detangling long hair?

A Well-blessed Medusa Photo

A Medusa style

seeing which is closest to classic length

Fixing her Medusa ponytail

Another Medusa style

Sure beats scrunchies!!

An Alternative to a scrunchie!

I think that snake has the magic hair growing potion!!

Or is it in the fruit?