Lungs of Love

Originally posted on the now-defunct TLHS Guestbook on October 26, 2003 by my favorite Medusa; formatted and edited by y2kvid (emphases in BOLD y2kvid's)

This is what smokers do NOT have. They don't love themselves enough to stop, and they love smoking more than they care about the potential risk their second hand smoke poses to others, PLUS they love smoking more than they care about the heartbreak their smoking may cause their loved ones if it takes their life. Sometimes it's heart attacks, but often it's agonizing, prolonged illnesses like emphysema or lung cancer. As most of you know, my mother died of lung cancer and I am very preachy about this subject. She stopped 3 years before she died;

I am sure she would have been gone within one year had she not. The damage was done. So, DON'T put if off, smokers. QUIT NOW! I am also very physically affected by other people's smoke; just the smell of it from someone who's come in from a smoking area can make me cough, and being in a room where people are or have been smoking often gives me chest pain. So, let's make this hair related now. May so correctly points out that it's a fire hazard. Smoking also discolors hair horribly. (Smokers, wash the walls of your home for proof.) And it causes cancer, which can lead to chemo which leads to hair loss. Not even necessarily for the smoker, but maybe for a non-smoker subjected to it. Any admirer of long hair should quit for that reason alone! I zealously avoid smoke, but it's still out there, and I will remain zealous in preaching against it.

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