was seen on the way home from work on the bus over Spy Pond in Arlington on March 9, 2000 a little bit before sunset at about 5:15 PM EDT.  I just happened to have my Nikon CP950 digital camera with me to take these pictures. I enhanced several of the rainbow pictures to bring out the secondary and lesser rainbows. This was just 9 days after the spectacular clouds seen over MIT on February 29, 2000. Like the rainbow of last July, there were several other rainbows seen as well as the primary rainbow.  Click on images to enlarge. At this rate, is Y2Kskies-dot-com in my future??:=)

The Rainbow itself - awesome!!

Almost as Spectacular SunsetAlmost as Spectacular SunsetAlmost as Spectacular Sunset

Some of Mother Nature's best art work
The sunset was very bright and almost as spectacular as the rainbow.

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