Below are some more panoramas of or from urban areas made by using stitching software within Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS3 Extended. Click on image to enlarge. Go here and here for the other Urban Panoramas pages.

Seattle Skyline Seattle Skyline
Seattle Skyline
Panoramas of Seattle as seen from the Space Needle. Taken January 2004

A Different View of the Seattle Skyline
A Different View of the Seattle Skyline
More panoramas of Seattle taken June 13, 2008

pan-hair-ama of Toronto Skyline
Toronto Skyline
Panoramas of Toronto as seen from the CNN Tower. Taken April 2004

San Fran skyline
Panorama of San Francisco, CA from Fisherman's Wharf taken June 2004

View from Lick Observatory
Panorama taken from Lick Observatory from the top of Mt. Hamilton near San Jose, CA taken June 2004.

Beach in Santa Cruz, CA
Beach in Santa Cruz, CA
Panoramas of beach in Santa Cruz, CA taken June 2004.

During sunset from Balboa Park in San Diego, CA
From the back of the Convention Center in San Diego, CA
Near Seaport Village in San Diego, CA
Panoramas from San Diego, CA taken mid-January 2005.

Panoramas from Calgary, Alberta, Canada taken late-March 2006.
At Disney World, FL on our honeymoon.
Panorama at Disney World, FL. Photos taken October 2006.

Looking outside the Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX.
Panorama at San Antonio, TX. Photos taken January 2007.

From The Mall.
From The Mall.
Panoramas at Washington, DC. Photos taken December 2007.

From The Mall.
From The Mall.
Panoramas of Mississippi River and skyline at New Orleans, LA. Photos taken January 2008.

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