The three heavens are as follows:
First Heaven is the air, under Weather
Second Heaven is outer space, under Astronomy
Third Heaven is that beyond, under Religion

Weather and Aviation

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    An excellent site on the Solar System is found by clicking here.

    Future Solar Eclipses

    Click here, here or here but not here to learn about Saturn's moon Titan.

    This image from NASA may take a while to load (about a half meg) but it's worth it if you are concerned about light pollution wordwide. Many thanks to Dale Worley for the link!!

    Excellent web site about the Moon - I am especially impressed with the clickable lunar phase calendar.

    A few links on the variable star Algol which is in the constellation Perseus and also in Medusa's head: One / Two / Three. It is interesting to note that one of the historic nicknames for Algol is "The Spectre" and it foreshadowed how the star's variability was understood - astronomers using a spectroscope!!

    This site shows a recently discovered cosmic snake.

    Go here to generate Interactive Star Maps anytime and anywhere!!

    Go here to see what your favorite planet would look like from anywhere and anytime

    Get all kinds of astronomy news and info by going to this site!!

    Free downloadable monthly star charts are available here.

    2004 Venus Transit links: One / Two / Three / Four / Five

    My new page about 2009 and its importance to astronomy and space.

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    How many church websites have hedgehog rollovers instead of mouse rollovers set up by their webmasters like on this page?:-)

    Web page on the Three Heavens.

    A Web site on U2's spiritual aspects, including discussion of individual songs.

    This site is practically an on-line encyclopedia on religions and cults

    Another site with an extensive index of cults, religions and related terminology.

    Christian Apologetics Site - Has links to sites Biblically refuting reincarnation, religious cults, atheism.

    Some links making excellent cases for the historical truth of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: One / Two / Three . Related to this is a web page that refutes the notion that His remains were found in Jerusalem that is discussed in an upcoming documentary titled "The Lost Tomb of Jesus".

    This site on John 3:16 has excellent and efficient animations - loads up in a Flash on a high speed Internet connection, worth the wait on slower modem connections.

    Click here before reaching for your horoscope.

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