This is a photo essay on burning both ends of the candle  Click on images to enlarge.

Neither my special friend nor I want to drive on I-5.. ..those I-5 drivers are sooooo oblivious!!!

I don't think the drivers on I-5 know what they are missing!!! Oblivious to a Shermy-colored fog...
Some nice pictures of Seattle - I think God put me in that particular hotel room for a reason!!

The photos were taken during the rainy and foggy season in Seattle in 2004.

I don't think that more than a very few drivers on Interstate 5 shown in several of the above photos were aware of the beautiful sunrise that morning!!! How many of them are burning both ends of the candle??

Rev. John warning about burning both ends of the candle (i.e working too much) during the Children's sermon on 1/25/04. I wish he could have seen this cartoon before he did this message!!

Has the 24-7 business rush invaded the pulpit? No, he is dramatising answering a call from God in his sermon on 1/25/04.

Gotta stop and smell the roses!! Gotta stop and look up!!! Another reminder to look up!!

To those burning both ends of the candle - Stop and smell the roses and look up!!!

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