of Shermy with Shirley and Woodstock with Jo Cool on the night of the All-Star Game on July 12, 2005 are pictured and detailed below. Just as in previous snake parties, no alcoholic beverages were drunk. The American League won the game, with four 2004 World Champion Red Sox players starting. Click on image to enlarge.

Shirley and Jo Cool meet for the first time.
Woodstock is excited about the snake party.
Jo Cool is cobra'd up with excitement.
Shermy is still getting used to the travel cage.
Shirley, Jo, and Woodstock, all with sparkle eyes.
Shermy is shy at first.
Jo is ready for action.
Beautiful girls Shirley and Jo.
Woodstock is dazzled.
Hey gang, let's party!!
Shermy's ready for fun.
Let's play Medusa!
2001 was also the Year of the Snake!!!
Now Shirley will join in.
The Snake Goddess.
Three-snake Medusa, going for four!!
Oh, my hair's nice and snaky now!!
Awwww!! Come to Papa!
What do I smell? Sssspeed Ssssstick?
2/29/04 snake party
Shermy starts playing "Help Papa keep his pants up."
Siblings Woodstock and Shirley share some family time.
Shermy's not leaving this party any time soon!
Gotta see what's in these pockets!
Any money for snake food in here?
How about the back pocket?
Good thing he didn't hitch on to the belt buckle!
Time to call it a night, Shermy.
Time to rest!
Quit playing, snakes! It's bedtime!
Jo definitely wants to "stay up".

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