for both Woodstock and Jo Cool on September 5, 2005 are pictured and detailed below. Woodstock has a brand new cage and Jo was moved to Woodstock's old cage. Both now have plenty of room!! Click on image to enlarge.

Woodstock and Jo Cool's last hours in their old cages.
Jo is getting excited about the move.
"Getting pssssssyched about our move, Woodssssstock?"
Woodstock's new cage.
This is NOT the Woodstock's that's moving, nor is it his new cage!!.
This is THE Woodstock, now just moved to his new cage.
Woodstock's cage properly decorated.
Woodstock crawls over his water dish.
"Time to locate my tree!!"
Woodstock getting ready to investigate his surroundings.
Going past the water dish once again.
2001 was also the Year of the Snake!!!
"What's thissssss?" inquired Woodstock.
"Isssss it what I think it isssss?"
Anyway, he liked climbing on it.
Looking to see what is above.
Now looking back.
Having fun!!
2/29/04 snake party

Jo Cool noticed that Woodstock's cage is now empty and perhaps unaware that it will be her new home.

Meanwhile, it did not take long for Woodstock to discover new places to climb in his new home.
Woodstock climbed back down.
Jo Cool now moved into Woodstock's old cage.
Admiring Jo in her new cage.
Jo begins exploring her new cage.
Jo discovers she has grown.
Another indication of Jo's growth.
Meanwhile, Woodstock discovers a hideout.
Jo explores her new cage.
Jo under Shermy-colored lighting.
Some reflections of Jo.
Jo says "I think ssssshe's familiar."
Jo checking out her new tree.
Jo cobra-ing up in her new cage.
Approaching the rafters.
Looking down.
Jo up in the rafters.
"Woodssssstock, where are you?"
"Nothing like my ol' coconut hut!!"
In and out of the coconut hut.
A close-up, now partly under a Shermy-colored shadow.
Another close-up. Jo's tail is near her head.
Like above but under a Shermy-colored shadow.

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