"The last syllable of my first name is the first syllable of video."
"The first two letters of DHTML happen to be my first and last initials."

This web site is about the stuff I enjoy - my interests including photography, astronomy and weather, my memberships including my church and the MIT Club of Boston. There is quite a bit of humor on this site particularly on the Fun Stuff and Outside Links sections.

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My Professional Background

I am an Applied Mathematician by training and work with weather instrumentation data. Click on underlined links below or on the new navigation bar above to learn more.

Current / Background / Education / Publications

Blurring the Line Between Work and Fun

- A brief descripton about my computing background.

My Memberships

- I am a member of a few clubs.

My Hobbies and Interests

- include astronomy, weather and photography.

My Awards

Teams I Root For

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New Fun and Creative Pages:

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