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A few sites I found related to the 21st Century, links related to predictions and Y2K issues. This page was originally developed for Gala 2000 held January 22, 2000 by the MIT Club of Boston. The page is still maintained to see how many of the sites linked below survive the 100 years the Gala 2000 time capsule is sealed and also to see how many outside predictions are fulfilled during that same time.

CONTENTS: Astronomical Events / Predictions / World's Fairs / Y2K Links / NEW!! 12.21.2012 Links

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Predictions - in the graphic above are views of some MIT related stuff seen through crystal balls.  Note how difficult it is to discern what those objects are.  That symbolizes how murky and difficult it is to see into the future. Back to top

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NEW!! End of Ancient Mayan Calendar on 12.21.2012
NOTE: The Prophecymaster does not necessarily endorse all the views expressed on the links below.
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