The numbers 91, 92 and 93 are very important numbers to me. Here are my observations:

  1. My Current Job: I started at System Resources Corporation, now a part of Titan Corporation in '91. '92 was the year I got my first commendation letter for outstanding work on weather projects and also when I did my first international downloading. I also had my first publication, a Volpe Center report in '92. '93 was when I co-authored my first major conference paper. It was presented at the '93 Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society.
  2. Catherine of TLHS was born on the 92nd day of 1956, which happened to be Easter Sunday that year. Her first full day was therefore on the 93rd day that year. I was born in 1958. When I met her in person and later photographed her for TLHS, our combined ages added up to 91. After my birthday, that number is 92 and after her next birthday, the number becomes 93.
    BTW: Easter was also on that same calendar day in 1934, 11 days before Mt. Washington recorded its record wind speed.
  3. The number 93 is important because the eclipsing variable star Algol is 93 light years from Earth. Algol is in that part of the constellation Perseus which is the head of Medusa. Catherine of TLHS is noted for her Medusa imitations with her pet corn snake Shermy.
    Note also that the first digit 9 is 32. That and the last digit being 3 might mean a multiplicity of trilogies in the future - after all my web site is actually a "Trilogy" "From the Beginning".
    BTW: Algol is actually a triple star, with its two eclipsing stars and a much distant third stellar companion.
  4. The rock group Emerson, Lake and Palmer had the composition Karn Evil 9 in their Brain Salad Surgery album. I have seen Midi files of this composition named KE91, KE92 and KE93.

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