Below are some panoramas made by using stitching software from, Adobe Photoshop Elements or CS3 or image stitching software by Canon. Click on image to enlarge.

CONTENTS: Arlington / Quincy Center / Wollaston Beach / Braintree / Rockport / Nantucket

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Spy Pond, Arlington. A short walk from my church.

Sunset at Spy Pond, Arlington; photos taken June 5, 2009.

Courtyard at Colonial Village, taken March 2007
Courtyard at Colonial Village, taken October 7 2007

A few sunset pics from Arlington, MA; most recent one taken October 7, 2007, the day the Red Sox won the American League Division Series.

Panorama taken at Great Meadows of Arlington, actually located in Lexington. Photos taken on August 22, 2006 with my new Canon Powershot S3 digital camera, then stitched with the imaging stitching software that came with the camera.


Panoramas of Quincy Center


Looking out from Wollaston Beach, Quincy, MA

Salt water pond as seen from Caddy Park near Wollaston Beach

Views of marsh near Wollaston Beach

The Shadows encounter Six Swans

Just when you thought you were safe from those mysterious shadows by going to one of my panoramas page, THINK AGAIN!!!!

A view of snow near Wollaston Beach

Panorama of snow near Wollaston Beach

Snow panorama taken 01/19/09.


Panoramas of Sunset taken from Braintree, MA on February 8, 2009


A panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean from Rockport, MA


A panoramic view of the harbor on Nantucket Island, MA

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