(or understanding the terminology commonly encountered in loooooong hair-related message boards)

This is my loooooong hair-related definitions page. Terms defined are common at TLHS Guestbook, FLHC2 and other loooong hair boards. This page will expand if I think of or encounter other terms or abbreviations.


BSL - Generally means bra-strap length hair. I like below-seat level length hair, though!:-)

Classic Length - Hair that is almost upper thigh length, about halfway to floor length.

Fairy Tale Hair - Generally refers to beyond-floorlength hair.

Floorlength*2 hair - hair twice as looooooooong as (s)he is tall.

Hair Apparent - A young girl or lady inspired to grow her hair looooooooong from seeing or meeting another loooooooong haired lady (courtesy MrHaroldG2000, fellow online hair lover).

Horizontal Volume - Describes the thickness, health and top-to-bottom consistency of loooong hair. A few excellent examples: DYQ, Lady Grace from TLHS/FLHC2 (where I got the term), Cindy Christian.

Mesmerizing Factor - (as explained by Lady Grace in a recent FLHC2 post)

The drool-o-meter factor is the computer version of what I call the Mesmerizing Factor.

Anyone who has gotten steadily longer hair can attest to this, I am sure..

The longer your hair gets, or the more rarely you wear it down, or if you wear it down in front of people who have never seen it..the more likely you will encounter the "Mesmerizing Factor".

People will literally STOP what they are doing, you can even stop traffic (so be careful..unless you want to cross the street, in which case this can come in handy).

I have seen the drone of voices in a crowded restaurant come to a halt..(which is kind of cute, but make sure you are wearing something nice.)

And make sure it's not because you just came out of the ladie's room with toilet paper stuck to your shoe!

But yes, the "drooling" problem can be very real (chuckle). If you have the pleasure of watching someone like Jennifer Eve walking through a mall with her hair down and flowing gently in the people stop, THEIR JAWS WILL DROP OPEN, LITERALLY! And if they stay mesmerized too ong, the drooling can become a peoblem (so walk carefully, don't slip).

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