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Here are some jokes I made up related to webmasering and want to post them while I still remember them. More jokes will be posted as I dream them up or remember my 'oldies but goodies'.

One web designer to another: "I am all for mouse rollovers - if I see a mouse in my kitchen, I hope the poison I set out makes him roll over and drop dead."

What do webmasters and web designers do when the power fails? They reach for a Flash-light!!

I wonder how many webmasters, web designers and web devlopers are URLybirds?

Hear about the webmaster who took his Java compiler to dance class? He wanted to teach it Swing.

I wonder how many coffeehouse web sites use Java Server Pages?

Then there was the webmaster who was so much into baseball that he thought that DHTML stood for Designated Hitter's Tagged Markup Language.

I wonder how many gun manufacturer web sites use target parameters in their hyperlink tags?

I also wonder how many web sites for big cruise ships use anchor tags? Might want to check the Queen Mary web site out as an example.

Any mountain climbing survival sites use layers - either HTML or layered graphics?

Wonder which aquatic sports sites use splash pages?

I wonder how many paintball sites use splat pages?

I wonder how many web sites about lightning or photography use Flash?

How many jeweler's web sites are using Perl?

I wonder how many snake sites are using Python?

Java and C++ programmers do it with classes.

Database administration never dies - there is always a SQL.

Shouldn't web sites about basketball, tennis, badminton or ping pong be dot-nets instead of dot-coms?

If there is any style to these jokes, it must be cascading from my style sheets.

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