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Here are some jokes I made up and want to post them while I still remember them. More jokes will be posted as I dream them up or remember my 'oldies but goodies'.


I heard somewhere there are computer network parties including a group of game players called the BadLANs. How about computer networks for:

  • Lost programmers called NoWhereLANs
  • Dreamy or listless users called LaLaLANs
  • If not useable called No Man's LANs

If Novell or Cisco were around in the late 1960s and early 1970s, maybe we would have had moon LANdings.

Hear about the computer hardware engineer who put 10 AMD processors in an attempt to enter his computer in the next Olympics?

He wanted his computer to do the Dec-Athalon!!


Why did Texas Governor and President George W. Bush get jealous of his brother since Election Day 2000?
Because when he heard about the hanging Chads he thought his brother Florida's Governor Jeb Bush was executing more prisoners than he.

An Oldie but goodie - If marijuana ever gets legalized, will it be a result of a reefer-endum or a joint session of Congress?

Why are oil prices going up so fast? It is because OPEC wants to be richer than Microsoft.

Why would one expect video rental merchants to be out protesting the imminent US war against Iraq?
- It is because a lot of Blockbusters are likely to fall!!

Other Jokes

I wonder how many websites of beautiful women require a broad-band account?

Then there was the cannabilistic scoutmaster who was executed for eating a Brownie.

Old ValuJet pilots never die - they get swamped!!

Q) Why is there never such a thing as a low-carb church?

A) It is because churches need their pastas!!


Here are magnetic poetry pages numbers: one / two / three based on sample DHTML code downloaded from a DHTML book's companion site.

I think an online jig saw puzzle is doable with a bit of creative fireworks. Stay tuned!!

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