Here are some observations I have made relating female loooooooooong hair to astronomy. More content will be posted if I come up with more observations.

"Hair Apparent" Comet of 2002??

One may have heard on the news or came across on the Internet about a comet bright enough to be seen with the naked eye away from city lights that is out now. The comet's name is Ikeya-Zhang and can be seen about an hour or so after sunset during mid-to-late March 2002 and has since become a circumpolar object for viewers in northern USA and in Canada as it fades and heads away from the Sun.

I think this comet is significant to the subject of loooooooooooong female hair in that the word 'comet' is derived from, I think, a Latin word for 'hair'. Also, the co-discoverer Ikeya is the same Ikeya who discovered the great sun-grazing comet of 1965 - the year DYQ was born!! Also, the other co-discoverer's last name has the same spelling as DYQ's "Hair Apparent" that is in Photo #8 of her on the Extra Length page on TLHS (Zhang Ping). A "Hair Apparent" is an expression coined by fellow looooooooooooooong hair lover MrHaroldG2000 and is defined as a young lady/girl inspired to grow her hair loooooooooooong after seeing another loooooooooooooong haired lady. Therefore, I think this new comet is the "Hair Apparent" comet of 2002!! I finally sighted the comet in binoculars on April 17, 2002 which is on MrHaroldG2000's birthday!!

BTW: Astronomers think that Comet Ikeya-Zhang is the same comet as the Great Comet of 1661. Both 2002 and 1661 are palindrome years (same spelling forwards and backwards) and 1661 is just before Isaac Newton came out with his Three Laws of Motion and calculus. This comet could also be called the Palindrome Comet. Could this comet and this palindrome year of 2002 both "hair-old" further greatness for both DYQ and Zhang Ping??:-)

I have since noticed that the comet was in the constellation Andromeda during late March and early April of 2002. In Greek mythology, Andromeda was rescued from the sea monster Cetus by Perseus and Medusa.

According to a post by a fellow co-founder of DYQ's Looooooooooooooong Hair Club (now a Group) on Yahoo, one of DYQ's middle names means "moon". The names 'Diane' as in Diane Witt and 'Cynthia (or Cindy) as in Cindy Christian also have lunar meanings.

Other Observations

While on the subject of comets, here's a web page of a comet expert with long hair.

There is a constellation in the northern sky, Coma Bereneces, that means Bereneces' long(?) hair.

I have seen drawings in astronomy books of the constellations Virgo and Andromeda depicted as long haired women.

And let's not forget about a part of the constellation Perseus called Medusa which has the eclipsing binary star Algol (which actually has a somewhat distant third companion). Algol is 93 light years from Earth. The numbers 91, 92 and 93 have a very special significance to me and my involvement in the loooooong hair world. Go here for details.

Not too far from Algol in the sky is a bright open star cluster in Taurus called the Pleiades which means "Seven Sisters" (as in the Seven Sutherland Sisters?)

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