Weather and Atmospheric Phenomena - like sunsets, sunrises, rainbows - I have since took pictures of a second rainbow, fog, snow, thunderstorms.  I used to track the temperature change and count seconds between lightning flashes and thunder claps when I was little.  I think it is fun to videotape thunderstorms.

    Favorite Rock Groups - U2, R.E.M. Chicago was my favorite before U2 and R.E.M. came along.  Does Mt. Washington count - oh, that's my favorite rock pile:)

    Shortwave Radio - foreign broadcasts, remote US stations and getting the precise time.

    - dawning with the year  from watching the Jetsons as a kid to.. well the big "odometer change" went with only minor glitches - my old laptop reverted to 1980!!  I also remember a news documentary back in the mid to late 1960's called "The 21st Century". The true beginning of the 21st Century did not happen until 1/1/2001.

    Alumni Activities: Besides my role as webmaster of the MIT Club of Boston, I also go to some of their various events including the Boston Seminar Series and I ran a series of Digital Photography events. I was also the ProphecyMaster of their Gala 2000 event held Jan 22, 2000.

    Astronomy - I have been interested in it since the late 1960's.

    Photography - some samples. Lately, I have been into digital photography - it is great because I don't have to buy film and wait for it to be developed. Also, if I don't like the picture, I can easily delete it. More recently, I have a digital camcorder and I finally got to try out iMovie on a Mac T4 laptop!!

    Cooking - Oyster/Seafood Stew Recipe

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